The Calamity Insurancer Awards  are designecd to be a yearly set of awards that are given by category.  The Sumitters of Nominations will vote on the awards prior to announcement eaqch year.  The awards will be set for January 10th, 2024 for the First Anual distribution. 

The Calamity Awards exist to shine a light on the most absurd, misguided, and outlandish claims behaviors that shape our world. Our purpose is not merely to mock or ridicule, but to foster critical thinking, accountability, and ethical standards within our global community. By highlighting instances of foolishness, greed, accidental mishaps, and brazen dishonesty, we aim to discourage such actions and promote a culture of integrity, wisdom, and responsible decision-making. Through humor and critical analysis, the Calamity Awards aspire to be a catalyst for societal reflection and improvement, illuminating the path to a better, more honest, and more aware world.

Do you know of an insurance calamity award nomination for Greed, Supidity, Accident or Conspiracy?  If so follow this link and submit your confidential submission

Nomination Submission Criteria for the Calamity Insurance Awards:

Please follow the guidelines below to submit a nomination for the Calamity Insurance Awards:

Submitter’s Information: Please provide your full name, contact details, and affiliation (if applicable). This information will be held in strict confidence and will not be shared with any third parties. By providing this information, you are automatically eligible to participate in the final voting process for the annual awards.
Title of Submission: The title should succinctly encapsulate the theme or central incident of your nomination. The title will be used for initial sorting and categorizing of nominations, so it should be descriptive and to the point.
Award Submission Summary/Story: Please provide a detailed description of the incident or behavior leading to your nomination. This could be a narrative of events, a character study, or any other format that accurately and thoroughly describes the situation. This section should be as detailed as possible, ensuring that the reader has a clear understanding of what transpired.
Supporting Material: Any supporting documents, such as news articles, videos, images, or testimonies, should be included with your submission. This evidence will be used by the committee to verify the authenticity of your nomination and will also serve to enrich the narrative you have presented.
Awardee Information: Include the name(s) of the person(s) or entity/entities responsible for the behavior leading to your nomination. If multiple parties are involved, please provide details for each.
Corroborating Witnesses: If applicable, please list anyone who can corroborate the facts presented in your submission. Include their contact information if they are willing to be contacted by the awards committee.
Category Selection: Clearly indicate which category your submission falls under - Greed, Stupidity, Accident, or Conspiracy. Please note that the final categorization will be decided by the awards committee, but your suggestion will be taken into consideration.
Your submission helps the Calamity Insurance Awards shed light on inappropriate or unethical behaviors within our community. Thank you for contributing towards fostering an environment of responsibility and accountability.

SUMIT A NOMINATION: Do you know of an insurance calamity award nomination for Greed, Supidity, Accident or Conspiracy?  If so follow this link and submit your confidential submission